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Kenworth T2000 kingpins and drive shafts, my 8N farm tractor, my Featherlite aluminum car hauler and all my hot rods and classic cars.
Remember: “Green Grease……The best grease money can buy…..Just ask anyone who has used it” is more than a slogan.
Green Grease is a very high quality grease that contains Synthetic Polymers and “EP” or Extreme Pressure additives not found in other grease. Green Grease won’t separate and drip out of your grease gun or wash out of your equipment.
Green Grease has been proven for over 30 years in Industrial and agricultural use to outperform and outlast other grease up to 8 times".

Sam Memmolo
"Sam’s Garage Radio Show“

"I've used lots of greases that say they are the best. But this stuff is the best. I purchased some from our supplier and it has really worked well for us here at the Florida Dept. of Transportation. Heat is the problem here in Florida and with a large variety of equipment we go through a lot of grease. In the past the grease we've used turns to liquid fast, but not this stuff. This is a remarkable product. I'm a customer for life. I use it on all our equipment and my personal stuff. Green Grease is the Stuff!"

Master mechanic
Florida Department of Transportation

"We use your green grease on our dirt late model. It has surpassed every other type of grease we have tried in terms of performance and durability."


"I do like the green grease! I used it on a set of new Cobb anti-roll bars on a customer's project car. It really did the trick."


"I use your product and it works great in our tool machining plant."

Butch Maintenance / Production

"That is what I use on my B3030. It is a synthetic grease and I think the best bang for the $$$.
Green Grease....The Best Grease Money Can Buy!....Just ask anyone who has used it!....."


"I've used the "green grease" in my trailer wheel bearings with the buddy bearing fittings and it does not break down to liquid as the old red grease did. This has stopped the red sling mess I had on the rims and has done a good job. "


"Well, I got your advice, and it worked. Great product, I am a customer for life now!"


"These kits are incredible. They have everything you need - all in one place."

A.F. ,Keller, Tx

"Bought some at the Dallas truck show and love it. We use it on our trucks and trailers."
K. Parr, Iowa

"We use your grease on our lawn equipment, works great, we pressure wash our equipment every week, keeps the water out of the bearings"

"Joe" Florida

"Waterproof Green Grease can be used for any marine application."

G. H. Subsea Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV) Support Singapore

"Thanks for going the extra mile. There are many companies out there that do not ship to an APO address and it's their loss. Plenty of US military personnel order online."

TCN - somewhere overseas

Rush us 150 fourteen ounce cartridges of Waterproof Green Grease.

"W.W." marine Power Services Ltd. Tortola, BVI

"I absolutely love your product. If you can love grease? It works better than any white lithium I’ve used thus far and I'm old school. "


"Finally got to try out the Green Grease and the gun the other day. AWESOME stuff!"

-Off-Road User

"Just figured I'd give you my review after using Green Grease for the last 6 months or so...with conventional grease, I was lubing up all the zerks on my DD every oil change (about 2 months for me...I drive...a lot) the stuff came out as fast as it went in it seemed like. With Green Grease, I lubed my DD 6 months ago and all the bushings on the chassis are still full! The only flaw I see with this stuff is that it’s indestructible! I'll be ordering some more from you shortly, thanks again for a great product."

-Off Road User Blacksburg, Va

“ Our OMNI Lubricants Professional Grease Gun made it as simple as squeezing a trigger.” “...OMNI’s Green Grease, a waterproof, high-performance synthetic polymer developed for mining, manufacturing, marine and off-road use. The stuff remains viable up to 500 Deg. F...”

Chevy High Performance Magazine

"Lube To Go - Perfect for throwing in the back of your rig, this compact grease gun kit has everything you need..."

4 Wheel Drive & Sports Utility Magazine

"Green Grease’s Off-Road Mini Grease Gun Kit..."

Dirt Sports

"Traveling Greaser" "...OMNI Lubricants has a convenient solution with its go-anywhere mini-grease gun kit."

Truck Trends Magazine

"...A mini grease gun like the one shown here is handy to have in your rig..."


"...Green Grease is all that I will buy. I use it on trailers, mowers, trucks, jet skis & farm equipment. I guess the only thing that I have not used it on is my RC's. I got hooked on it a few years ago when I have a Polaris RZR. Green Grease repels water like nobody's business. Great product"

"Rock Stacker" ...Central, KY

I use Green Grease. Stuff is truly amazing just judging by the appearance of bearings I have replaced because of other inferior greases that claimed were the best. The bearings now are in excellent condition since being replaced and sticking with Green Grease. "Under Pressure"


I use Green Grease. Its 100% waterproof and 100% compatible with other greases. I use it for everything that has a grease fitting. It is a little pricey at about 8 bucks a tube but I go through less than a tube a year. Bass Blaster Green grease is great I use it in my jet ski for the pump. Highly water resistant.

300EX Rider, NY

X2 on that. On a side note, I use Green Grease, which is highly water resistant and I know that a lot of race teams use it as well.

400 EX Rider, NV

Best grease I have ever used. Lasts forever, does not wash off, and stays in place!

Lowes Customer

I really like green grease, you can get it at AutoZone and Advance Auto Parts. You can’t hardly wash it off your hands. I was using another brand of water proof grease on my Polaris RZR and was getting about 400 miles from the bushings started using green grease and I am getting 1000 plus. I’m sold on it. I recently packed my linkage bearings on my CRF 450 with it.


I use the green grease on everything on the boat drive, steering, gimbal bearing, splines, electrical connections, trailer bearings, etc.


I agree with 90 stingray-- If I had to pick 1 grease it would be green grease.


Yes, This is the right stuff, Green Grease is a brand name for a product that has worked superbly in our off road equipment for many years, it doesn't wash out, get hot and drip and stays on high speed rotating parts like glue. It’s the only stuff we use.


Green grease, it’s marine synthetic. That’s what I use for anything on the RZR. Where do you find this? Is the name brand "green grease" or is it just a green Maine grease. Anytime a thread on grease gets started several people mention this green grease and that you can get it just about anywhere. Advance, AutoZone, about any parts store should have it. Yes the name of it is Green Grease.

2011 RZR 800

I will 2nd that. The green grease is the stuff, I have tried several marine grade ones and this one beats them all hands down!


We used green grease in the power plant where I worked as a mechanic. We used it to lube traveling water screen chains. Water wouldn't faze that stuff. I did know a couple folks that ran it in boat trailer wheel bearings with success.


Green Grease - It's all I use...each time I tear down my axels it's still stuck to my gears...I like that! I won't run out of it any time soon and I share it with my Crawl mates


I use Green Grease in my 1:1 and I love it , thinking about using it in my scaler because of its water repellant tendencies.


Green Grease - It’s all I use to. Been going on 2 years of use on R/C's it’s a good grease.


I used Green Grease on my scx10, works great, that truck stayed in the mud & water and I never had a problem with bearings