Green Grease is used wherever you see "time is money" equipment.. This includes: farm equipment , truck fleets, construction equipment, mowers, fire trucks, dump trucks, trash trucks, haul units, cement mixers, tow trucks, and mobile drilling rigs.

Where you see it used effectively is: bucket pins, bearings, slides, u joints, chassis lube, king pins, tie rod ends, steering linkages, wheel bearings, open gears, any grease fitting that is exposed to extreme pressure, heavy loading, dust, dirt, water, steam or spray,

Green Grease works from -20˚F-500˚F and is waterproof.

Green Grease is compatible with all lithium, lithium complex, moly and calcium greases.

You don’t have to take your equipment, apart just pump it in until you see green grease flow out.

You can use Green Grease anywhere you are using aluminum complex or polyurea grease but you should clean it out first.