In 1977, Alex and Spencer Mackenzie discovered there was a need for a higher performing grease in the industrial markets. Something that would last longer, perform better and save wear on expensive, difficult to-get-to parts. They were determined to fill that need with literally the best grease that could be made. Alex had years of experience out in the field. He listened to potential customers, they told him what problems they experienced with the grease were currently using. This new grease needed to stand up to high pressure, heavy torque loads and extreme temperatures, it needed to not washout under water. With a team of lubrication engineers and chemists, he came up with an entirely unique formula that is Green Grease.

For over 25 years it was available only to mills, plants, manufacturing facilities, mining and drilling companies. In 2002 Spencer wondered whether or not this super heavy-duty waterproof grease could benefit the general public and with that, he decided to sell Green Grease in retail outlets.

Sure it’s more expensive than ordinary grease but this is not ordinary grease. Isn’t your equipment and the time you save, worth it?