Q: Why should I buy Green Grease Lubricant?
A: Waterproof Green Grease lasts up to 8 x longer than regular automotive type greases so it lasts longer, reduces parts failures and protects expensive equipment better which saves time, labor and money.

Q: Is the quality of Green Grease as good as the other major brands?
A. Green Grease quality far exceeds all other major grease brands with the highest performance specifications like an 80# Timken load to ensure superior parts and equipment protection in any operating environment.

Q: Does Green Grease use the same base stocks as the other majors
A: No, Green Grease uses the highest quality base stocks available unlike regular grease which is often made from by-products of manufacturing motor oil.  In addition, Green Grease uses proprietary base stocks that cost more than regular base stocks but deliver superior performance and load carrying abilities.

Q: Does using Green Grease keep my new car warranty in effect?
A: Yes, Green Grease meets and exceeds all OEM standards.

Q: Is Green Grease petroleum/hydrocarbon based?
A: Green Grease uses Synthetic base stocks and is engineered to be compatible with all petroleum and hydrocarbon greases.

Q: Is Green Grease safe to use on my automotive brakes, bushings, bearings and axles?
A: Yes, Green Grease can be used in any automotive application up to 500˚ F.

Q: Can Green Grease be used to grease bearings in boat trailers and utility trailers?

A: Yes, Green Grease is recommended for boat trailer and trailer wheel bearings.

Q: Can Green Grease be used for off-road equipment such as dozers and backhoes?

A: Yes, Green Grease is a true multi-purpose grease engineered for all types of severe applications including off-road, mining, off-shore, construction and farm equipment.

Q: Does it contain moly and what is "moly"?

A: Moly is a lubricating solid added to grease to improve the load carrying ability but it does not perform well in or around water.  Green Grease is compatible with moly grease but we choose to use a state of the art proprietary lubricating solid that acts as a superior anti-wear agent but provides waterproof protection vs. all the other greases which are just water resistant.

Q: I use my boat in saltwater as well as in fresh water lakes. Will the Green Grease marine Grease protect my boat trailer wheel bearings when exposed to corrosive saltwater environment?
A: Absolutely.  Waterproof Green Grease contains proprietary Synthetic Polymers which stick to the metal forming a waterproof seal against fresh and salt water.  We also use rust inhibitors and corrosion inhibitors to provide superior waterproof protection in any wet environment.

Q: How often should I re-grease my boat trailer bearings?
A: On average boat trailer wheel bearings should be re-greased every 2,000 miles.  Also many boat trailer manufactures do not grease the wheel bearings prior to delivery so it is important to re-grease the wheel bearings upon delivery of the trailer.

Q: Where can I purchase Green Grease?
A: Green Grease is sold at all Advance Auto Parts, AutoZone, Bass Pro Shops, NAPA, Pep Boys and select Lowes stores.  It can also be purchased direct from our on-line store at www.greengrease.net.

Q: Is Green Grease compatible with lithium base grease?
A: Yes, Green Grease is compatible with all lithium and lithium complex greases.

Q: Can Green Grease be used on polyurethane bushings?
A: Yes, Green Grease does a great job preventing wear and squeaks associated with polyurethane bushings and is also ideal for use on all chassis, suspension, steering and drive line components.