Green Grease Hosts Little People Big World Celebrity, Matt Roloff, at AutoZone National Sales Meeting

Lewisville, Texas (September 27, 2010) Green Grease, The Best Waterproof Grease Money Can Buy, had a very busy booth at the AutoZone National Sales Meeting on September 21st. Matt Roloff from Little People Big World, the hit show on The Learning Channel, and big fans of Green Grease, was promoting the product and signing autographs.

"My son, Jeremy and I fell in love with this product a year ago and the Roloff farm now uses it on all our cars and equipment,” said Matt Roloff, star of TLC’s Little People Big World. “I am proud to represent Green Grease as the very best and only truly waterproof grease on the market.”

"We were absolutely thrilled to introduce Matt as the newest spokesperson for Waterproof Green Grease during the AutoZone National Sales Meeting,” said Spencer Mackenzie, CEO of Green Grease. “He is an inspiration to so many people. Matt also has his “toys” and with Green Grease he knows they will last a long time."

Waterproof Green Grease™, as seen on Two Guys Garage, Truck U, Inside Drag Racing, Trucks, Pleasure Boating and the Lokar Car Show series, is professional-grade high performance synthetic polymer grease and is ideal for:

  • Cars, trucks, boats, trailers, ATV's, RV's, motorcycles.
  • Mowers, farm and construction equipment
  • General chassis lubrication, including U-joints, tie-rod ends, upper and lower A-arms
  • Heim joints, ball joints, steering linkages and bucket pins
  • Ball/roller and sealed-for-life bearings


AutoZone is the leading retailer and a leading distributor of automotive replacement parts and accessories in the United States. The annual sales meeting introduces their top 10% salespeople to all the new products carried by AutoZone.

Green Grease is a Brand of OMNI Lubricants and has a 30+-year history of selling to major manufacturers throughout the world. Available at AutoZone, Advance Auto Parts, Lowe's, Tractor Supply Company, Bass Pro Shops and participating NAPA stores, or visit 1-877-Go-Grease (1-877-464-7327).

NAPA Stores to Stock Green Grease Products

Lewisville, Texas (March 1, 2010) NAPA AUTO PARTS Stores recently announced that they now have available Green Grease, The Best Waterproof Grease Money Can Buy.

Green Grease, a brand of OMNI Lubricants, has a 30+-year history of selling to major manufacturers including the industrial, mining, marine, farming and heavy equipment industries.

As opposed to water resistant, Green Grease is waterproof. Synthetic polymers in Green Grease create a seal that sticks to the metal, protecting bearings (U-joints, tierods, bucket pins, etc.), from contaminants like dust, sand, grit and dirt.

“My experience with Green Grease, compared to everything else I’ve used, is nothing short of stellar,” Brandon Collins, Executive Editor PSE Direct Connection Magazine for Balkamp Inc., (NAPA), extolled.  “I was skeptical at first, considering I’ve been around machines that need grease for over 30 years, but I have now used Green Grease for about 6 months and am amazed how well and how long it lasts. If my family were still in the farming business I can only imagine how much money we could potentially save not only in the cost of grease but also the cost of replacing damaged parts by using this product.”

“We are extremely pleased,” Spencer Mackenzie, president of Green Grease exclaimed. “Many NAPA stores sales are commercial—schools, fleets, construction, etc., and it’s exciting to know that those markets will now have easy access to ‘Get the good stuff!’ My dad, who passed away last year, would be so proud of this. He was Chairman and Co-Founder of OMNI Lubricants.”

Green Grease is ideal for:
• General chassis lubrication, including U-joints, tie rod ends, upper and lower A-arms
• Heim joints, ball joints, steering linkages and bucket pins
• Ball/roller and sealed-for-life bearings
• Boat trailer wheel bearings, and more
• Under water projects

There are over 6,000 NAPA AUTO PARTS Stores nationwide. 69 of those are strategically located with distribution centers serving all 50 states. NAPA stores provide over 375,000 quality parts and accessories for automotive and industrial applications—the most extensive inventory in the industry.

Waterproof Green Grease™, as seen on Two Guys Garage and Truck U, is professional-grade high performance synthetic polymer grease. Available at NAPA, AutoZone, Advance Auto Parts and Tractor Supply Company stores, or visit 1-877-Go-Grease (1-877-464-7327).



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